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Hemp seeds (technically a nut) are edible parts of the hemp plant (a variety of Cannabis sativa) that grows in the northern hemisphere and usually require 3 to 4 months to mature. These are also known as hemp hearts. They can be eaten either as raw, roasted, or cooked seeds or used to make protein powder, cheese substitutes, oil, and milk.

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100% Organic

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Hemp Massage Oil

Hemp is a plant that is grown by most cultivators for industrial or medicinal purposes. Its seeds have a rich nutritional profile (including proteins, unsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6, iron, zinc, vitamins, minerals, and fibers) and offer a range of health benefits. Himalayan Vedic Hemp Message oil has now been extensively used by massage therapists.

Benefits of using Himalayan Vedic Hemp massage oil:


Hemp Face Wash

Hemp Face Wash For Skin Rejuvenation
Make Skin Look Brighter & Flawless


Hemp Massage Cream

Hair Shampoo For Thick Lustrous Hair
Make Scalp Healthy & Stop Hair Fall

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